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Acupuncture/Herbal Nutritional Consultation – 1.5 hours $135

This is the most complete treatment option available. It is the primary choice for first time patients, and those desiring a full spectrum health upgrade. It is also recommended for those suffering from chronic health conditions. During this visit you will receive a comprehensive health history, tongue and pulse reading, as well as a Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis. Detailed information on the cause/causes of the imbalance will be offered to help educate the patient in making appropriate lifestyle choices to re-establish harmony. This information is given in the form of dietary recommendations, Qi Gong Exercises, Meditation techniques, and specific Nutritional Supplementation, including Tonic Herbal Formulas and Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulae. Acupuncture Treatment will be administered to address the underlying Meridian or Organ imbalance. This may include Cupping Therapy and/or Moxabustion depending on the patient’s pattern of imbalance.

Follow up Acupuncture Treatment – 1 hour $75

To experience the most profound health benefits and regeneration from Acupuncture it is advised to receive consistent treatment. A standard course of treatment consists of a series of 6-10 sessions administered weekly. This is advised for those patients with chronic degenerative health conditions (arthritis,migraines,insomnia,menopause, allergies, etc), and severe to moderate acute conditions(Injury, infectious disease, etc) These treatments are also designed for repeat clients who are in need of a tune up.*

10 Treatment Acupuncture Package – $600 ($60 per session)

5 Treatment Acupuncture Package – $350 ($70 per session)

*It is recommended that Acupuncture be given within a week of each change of season, even for healthy individuals, as this supports the harmonization of the individual with the shifting environment


Nutritional/Herbal Consultation   1 hr   $95

Highly recommended for all of you needle phobes out there!!!

This method of treatment is perfect for those who are wary of needles or are simply not interested in receiving acupuncture treatment.  Herbal Medicine and proper nutrition is the backbone of stimulating the natural healing process. After providing a thorough health history with the necessary documentation, and being assessed through a tongue and pulse diagnoses you will given a detailed and specific outline of dietary protocols, recommended nutritional supplementation, and a Chinese medical herbal formula designed specifically for your health condition.