Golden Heart Health Contract

Taking back your Health and Living  an Optimized Life

Thank you for deciding to make the commitment to invest in the most important commodity life has to offer, your Health and Vitality!

I am thrilled to be supporting you step by step along this 12 week journey together!

Services provided:  Adam Da Virro L.Ac. Is here to be available to support, encourage, validate, and keep you on track in reaching your optimized life.  He will be relentless in supporting you to move into your greatest expression of life itself.  You will be provided with state of the art treatment designed to propel you into the quality of life you have always dreamed.  This program includes:

•    16 custom designed acupuncture treatments
•    Specialized Dietary Protocol geared towards your Health Condition
•    Peak Performance Nutritional and Herbal Supplements
•    12 inspirational live coaching calls
•     Personally designed Training Program
•    Mind/Body Techniques to accelerate your progress

Adam Da Virro L.Ac. Responsibilities:  I will be offering you with the highest quality of care and treatment that I have developed over the last 16 years.  I will be holding you accountable for reaching the health goals we discuss on our initial introduction.  I will be standing in your corner the whole way guiding you, encouraging you and inspiring you to transform you health to level in accordance with your vision.  And of course this service will be provided with a loving, open and compassionate heart. I will be with you every step of the way.

Clients responsibilities:  You are responsible for showing up for all of your appointments and live calls, compliance with the supplements and the diet that is provided, and the mindset that is required to transform your life.  How much you energy and commitment you invest on the services provided will translate in your desired results. Upon completion of your program a testimonial, and possible referrals would be greatly appreciated.

Confidentiality:  All of your health and personal information is guaranteed to never be shared outside of our agreement.  What is shared between us is sacred, and always will be.

Rescheduling:  I require a 24 hr notice for rescheduling.  If you do not call to reschedule within this window the session will be dropped from your program.  Please be responsible for our time together.

Energetic Exchange:  The investment you are providing is $3997.  You have made a deposit of $500.
Your deposit is validation that the contract is active.

Adam Da Virro L.Ac.