Introducing Golden Heart Health Program

After treating thousands of patients over the last few years I have found that most people need

consistent and ongoing support to stay committed to achieving their health and wellness goals.


It is for this purpose that I have embarked on creating the Golden Heart Health Program.

This program is specifically designed for those sincere individuals that are burning with desire

to transform their health to the most optimal level.


It is for those who are ready to make health and vitality their way of life.

It is for those individual that are truly ready to be in the best shape in their lives.


Let’s face it , many of us have been wanting to take the big step into transforming our lives but

because of fear and resistance we walk in a state of inertia and our health and well being

continues to diminish.


So many of my patients begin their treatment and health regime with vim and vigor begin to

see progress in their health and vitality and then life gets in the way and they backslide and

end up losing all they have gained.


Or they end up getting frustrated along the way because the changes aren’t happening

according to the timeline they have constructed for themselves.


Let’s face it making the real changes in our lives isn’t always easy and it doesn’t happen

overnight. Many of us get discouraged and give up along the way.


Now I know, for most of us, ongoing consistent and diligent support is needed for the lasting

transformation to take root.  Someone who is there to consistently guide you the the healing

journey that is full of ups and downs, twists and turns.


In Chinese Medicine there is a saying that to really see the full benefit of any treatment or

practice the patient must follow the regime for 100 days.


We all need support when it comes to making big changes in our lives, it is not always an easy

process and it it feels really good to know you have someone who is there for you as these

changes are taking place.


It is for this reason I have initiated the Golden Heart Health Program, if you are ready to take

the leap I will be working with you one on one for the next 90 days supporting you the whole

way guiding you through the very Heart of true transformation.


For more details on the Golden Heart Health Program click here