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"I've been receiving acupuncture from Adam Da Virro for over 10 years. In that time, I have come to deeply respect and value the wisdom he has shared to assist my well-being. I refer people to him constantly, as he is my #1 recommendation in Sedona for acupuncture.."

-Miguel Montoya

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Jade Mountain Acupuncture In Sedona


About Us



I am Adam Da Virro, Licensed Acupuncturist, Ancestral Foods Nutritional Consultant, and Transformational Health Mentor. Nothing inspires me more than supporting those who are inspired to work with me in living a life of balance and vitality. I have a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the distinguished Yo San University in Los Angeles California.  I have developed and maintained a private practice in Sedona, Arizona since 2009. Over the last 25 years I have been on a powerful healing journey with the intention of not only healing myself from my own chronic condition, but to also mature both emotionally and spiritually.


I have sought out and studied with many great spiritual teachers and alchemists that have paved the way for a profound and rich experience of wisdom and compassion. This journey has brought me to the upper reaches of heaven, and to my knees in humility. I have experienced many periods of suffering, confusion, fear and doubt.  I have made the commitment to wholeness and share all of my education and acquired wisdom to serve my clients along their healing journey.  I am dedicated to supporting you in rising from the ashes of your past, your current state of health and into living a life that is deeply fulfilling, full of vitality, balance and inspired purpose.

"Adam's expertise is a powerful blend of intelligence, experience and intuition. His sessions have helped me bounce back, from fatigue, grief, heart ache, knee pain, and a weak immune system. I go to Adam to not only heal, but to stay at the top of my game!"

                                           -Jonathon Tripodi


Acupuncture/Herbal Nutritional Consultation

This information is given in the form of dietary recommendations, Qi Gong Exercises, Meditation Techniques, and specific Nutritional Supplementation, including Tonic Herbal Formulas and Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulae. Acupuncture Treatment will be administered to address the underlying Meridian or Organ imbalance. This may include Cupping Therapy and/or Moxabustion depending on the patient’s pattern of imbalance.

Acupuncture Treatment

This is advised for those patients with chronic degenerative health conditions (arthritis, migraines, insomnia, menopause, allergies, etc), and severe to moderate acute conditions (Injury, infectious disease, etc). These treatments are also designed for repeat clients who are in need of a tune up.*

Nutritional/Herbal Consultation

This method of treatment is perfect for those who are wary of needles or are simply not interested in receiving acupuncture treatment.  Herbal Medicine and proper nutrition is the backbone of stimulating the natural healing process.

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