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Sedona Acupuncture - Loving Your Dis-Ease

Here at Sedona Acupuncture I am always supporting patients in empowering themselves through their healing process. One of the most powerful tools I have discovered is the art of loving your disease. What is disease? It’s quite funny that when you break the word down it is clear that there is simply a lack of ease. So, truth bomb, what if you were simply to turn your perception to the direction of ease. What do you think will happen?

Masked behind every health condition there is a sense of discomfort, most often these resonate as a result of unresolved emotional states that are literally stuck in the tissues at a cellular level.

So how does this happen? Let’s say you have a challenging and painful life experience occur such as death of a loved one, a divorce, or financial upheaval. Instead of fully moving through this experience most of us tend to repress the powerful emotions associated with this event. It’s a survival mechanism set in place that allows us to continue living, albeit in an unhealthy way. We literally store it within our bodies until we are ready to face it and feel it. Humans have been programmed this way generationally, our grandparents pass this on to our parents, who then pass on these coping mechanisms to us. This has created a variety of psychological and physical imbalances that manifest in a myriad of health conditions.

So what are we to do? These patterns are deeply ingrained within our psyche, and to most of us this can seem like a daunting task. Well in order to break the chain, we must become present to the feelings arising within our bodies without judgement. It is easy when we are in pain to suppress or deny these powerful feelings. With time these feelings continue to grow and eventually transform into disease. The secret is to feel them at the deepest level and begin to accept them. At first this can be challenging because the conditioned response has been practiced for so long. But with a clear intention of simply becoming conscious of them without the need to fix or heal these feelings, miracle occurs. A deep sense of peace ensues and the energy that has been locked for so long begins to transform. This process can be instantaneous or take months to shift, either way it works.

There are many methods that can be utilized for this process, but behind all of them there is a willingness to feel at the deepest of levels. An added bonus can be treating these pains as you would a small child, or a cherished pet. In loving the pain in this manner a sense of peace arises and the process can be one filled with joy. Additionally many patients discover their life opening up in ways beyond their conception. This process is filled with miracles, such as the ceasing of addiction, finding true love in a partner and within oneself, discovering a passionate life path, and enhanced creativity among others.

Now you may ask, what are some methods to facilitate this process? Some examples listening to music, for others it can be communing with nature, painting, writing, and for some it can be sitting in meditation. Listen to your heart and you will discover the path that works best for you. Here at Sedona Acupuncture I support patients in discovering their unique journey.

In service and with the deepest love, Adam Da Virro L.Ac


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