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Acupuncture in Sedona

Adam Da Virro started doing acupuncture in Sedona five years ago after relocating from L.A.  He has been studying Chinese Medicine since 1996. His interest began at the University of California at Santa Barbara where he studied Taoism, Hinduism, and Shinto, graduating with a degree in Religious Studies. But it was his fascination with the holistic philosophy of Taoism that began his deep interest in Chinese Herbalism and Nutrition. After many years of private study Adam decided to attend Yo San University in Los Angeles. He was trained in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy and Nutrition, as well as Western Medical Science. The depth of his scholastic experience was deepened by his training in Tai Chi, and various forms of Qi Gong.

Adam’s deep intuition coupled with his extensive training in the Chinese Medical Theory allows him to pinpoint energetic imbalances within each client. It is then through the use of needles, herbal therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling, that harmony within each patient is restored. Adam’s clients have ranged from the adolescent to the elderly, and his approach is to treat the person not the disease. Every individual, no matter what the condition, is treated with a deep reverence since each disease has a unique cause. The cause may be physical, mental, or spiritual, or any blend of the three. In treating the cause, not the symptom, deep and long lasting healing can occur. Adam uses an extensive interview process, as well as pulse and tongue diagnosis, to come to an accurate understanding of each client’s case.

Adam’s passion is developing radiant health within himself and his clients.


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